Explaining The RV TV Antenna

Explaining The RV TV Antenna

There is nothing more enjoyable than to spend some time traveling outdoors with your family or friends in your RV.

However, what is even more fun is you get to watch your favorite TV shows and soap operas while sitting back in your rig. Or perhaps you can park the vehicle somewhere lovely and serene and catch the next NFL game or watch a new show on Netflix.

Family Watching Baseball

But if you want to enjoy all this, and have fun reliably – you will need a top-notch RV TV antenna, which is going help pick up the signals and propel your RV experience into the future. Every trip is going feel like a modern oasis.

Top Things To Keep In Mind

Let's take a look on things you should know before buying a TV antenna for you RV.

Get An RV TV Reception For Local Channels

To view all the channels in high definition quality provided by major networks such as NBC or CBS, you will need a reliable an RV TV antenna. You can buy an indoor and outdoor unit. Indoor antennas will not have an explicitly more extensive range – and you will need to store the device when not in use. However, maintaining and installing them is way more comfortable.

You can install outdoor-devices on the roof of the RV- and you can effectively raise the product and lower it depending on your usage. These units come in plastic and aluminum, which means they can damage quite quickly. So, if you raise it and driver under a tree, you're going to snap in half.

However, one of the biggest reasons you should get outdoor antennas is the fact that you are going pick up a lot of different channels. And some models are sleek and aerodynamic and do not necessarily need to be continuously lowered or raised.

Ensure The RV TV Antenna Is HD

If you want quality visuals and crisp-sound, go for an HD antenna receiver. If you wish to save some cash and opt for a used product, make sure it has HD functionality.

Buy A Signal Enhancer

The best way to boost signals is by increasing the range of your antenna, the maximum signal capacity, which is 50 miles. And you can only accomplish that by using a TV reception booster. It can easily be attached to your LED screen.

Locate Different TV Stations Using Smartphone Applications And Online Tools

You can use a bunch of reliable online application that will help you access different TV stations wherever you travel. Specific applications also tell you where precisely to direct your antenna to the best reception and more channels.

The FCC provides plenty of websites that are simple and free to use.

Particular RV TV Antenna For Dish Network

There are different types of TV antennas available on the market – while some are for people who want to cut the cord and enjoy over the air reception, others opt for satellite options.

Satellite Dish Antenna

If you want to receive dish TV reception, you'd have to first subscribe to a network and get a particular antenna for more channels and HD visuals. But bear in mind, this amenity will set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

But if you’re a stone cold TV watcher, a dish network antenna will be well worth the money. However, a disadvantage here is the fact that you are going be easily distracted from your RV pleasure.

So, it is critical that you analyze your wants and needs and don't just unnecessarily spend so much cash. Plus, there are a lot of campgrounds and RV parks that offer free TV service.

Opt For An FM RV TV Antenna

There is so much to listen to on the radio – from music to podcast to game analysis, sometimes; listening to your favorite tunes is just the best when driving long distance.

However, you’re going need an antenna to pick up FM radio signals broadcasting quality sound. Sure, the idea seems a little antiquated, but listening to some old radio station can be a little nostalgic and stress relieving

Furthermore, the radio isn't just a tool listening to music; you can listen to the new while driving or you can tune into an informative channel. But to install an FM antenna, you will have to drill a couple of holes in the vehicle.

RV TV Viewing - Your Best Options

Here are best options for RV TV antenna:

Over-The-Air TV Viewing

If you have cable at home – and for a while, you may have missed out on the digital revolution. The FCC has ordered all OTA networks to transmit digital signals.

Now that entails additional frequencies you can pick up. And for the past ten years, new LEDs and HD TVs all have built-in receivers to pick up new signals.

If you want to pick up digital frequencies, you need to buy an RV TV antenna.  Although significant networks air all the original channels, there are a variety of sub-channels that you can tune to. However, expect channels like CNN and Discovery to be off-air.

Satellite Dishes

Dish TV is an excellent option if you do most of your RV-ing under the trees. That is because you can opt for a detachable RV antenna, ideal for unobstructed viewing. You can mount the device on the roof of the vehicle and take it off when you've had enough of TV.

Satellite Dish On RV

Besides, if you are a hardcore TV watcher, and must have access to high definition channels and whatnot, all you have to do is go to an RV park that offers satellite channels. There are plenty of sites you can visit. 

Bottom Line

In all, why limit your TV viewing pleasure to just your house when you can experience the same thing when you're out and about in your RV. It is just amazing how far technology has gotten us; merely installing an HDTV antenna will enable you to catch on to your favorite channels and whatnot.

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